Wednesday, July 6 2022

ABBILDUNG - Profane Stone

ABBILDUNG - Profane Stone bassphemy003
Release date: 07.07.2022
Type: digital and CD/full length 62 min.

Our second release is ABBILDUNG's new ritualistic/death ambient release. Behold the absolving stone!

Released also as very limited, numbered print CDr in thick paper double sleeve incl. alternative design.


Album conceived in 2022. Concept, music and cover design by ABBILDUNG (c) 2022. All rights reserved.

Monday, November 29 2021

ABBILDUNG - They Shall Wake

ABBILDUNG - They Shall Wake bassphemy001
Release date: 24.11.2021
(c) 2021 by C. Stefan

The new album by ABBILDUNG is our label's debut release.
An album of minimal, low, deep ambient tunes to enjoy for 70 minutes, alone, remote, out there...


Released in cooperation with Essentia Mundi label, this is our first release with a special approach of intended "low" mastering, textures of noisy and murky sounds. A release that marks a journey to unexplored "below" domains, by low frequencies drone and minimal music compositions.
This is the music for remote places, alien worlds, inner abysses and dreams of falling. To be enjoyed in the dark, for meditation, for succumbing into inner peace.
Released also as very limited print CDr in thick paper envelope.


Album conceived in 2021. Concept, music and cover by ABBILDUNG (c) 2021. All rights reserved.